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Laugh, love, learn, and enjoy!
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Over Forty Children’s Books by Riley Weber featuring Pop-Up Text, available as eBooks and Paperback, including ten books available exclusively on Amazon.

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Interactive children’s books by Riley Weber formatted especially for the iPad including sound and narration.

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Books by Riley Weber available for the Nook on Barnes and Nobles website.


Riley Weber, Author and Illustrator
Books that will make you smile, laugh, and be entertained

Riley Weber has written, illustrated, and self-published over 30 children's books, including several top selling children's books including Tongue Twisters for Kids, Funny Jokes, and Knock Knock Jokes. He has also composed, recorded and released over 10 full children's pop music albums by "Nooshi," an artist he created; some of which have reached the top children's songs charts.

  • Funny

    Books that will bring a smile to your face.

  • Illustrated

    Lots and lots of pictures in every book!

  • Different

    New and original stories

  • Clean

    No cuss words or innuendos making it safe and fun for kids

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Riley Weber
Author and Illustrator

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