Knock Knock Jokes 2

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Knock Knock Jokes 2

Knock Knock Jokes 2 by Riley Weber

Knock Knock Jokes 2 eBook on Amazon

Find out ‘Who’s there’ behind each door, in this book of humor that features over 50 silly illustrated pages filled with funny knock knock jokes for kids.

Each Knock Knock joke features two illustrations; one as if you are looking through a peep hole on a door with someone (or something) knocking, and the other illustration featuring the punch line. Kids will find this book hilarious with the unique colorful cartoony illustrations and the silly knock knock jokes.

Telling a good joke is like have a great gift in your pocket. Jokes make people laugh and set them at ease.

Preachers, motivational speakers, and salesmen are usually good joke tellers. Kids can practice their joke telling skills as they learn the knock knock jokes in this book.

“Entertaining for the kids”

Read and learn these funny jokes in this hilarious book for kids of all ages…It features over 50 funny illustrations. Your children will love this one!

Kids of all ages are laughing out loud at all the “Knock Knock Jokes”

Purchase “Knock Knock Jokes 2” right now for your kids and find out ‘who’s behind’ each door.

Knock Knock Jokes 2 eBook on Amazon

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