Riley Weber

Riley Weber, Author and Illustrator

Riley Weber has written, illustrated, and published over 40 children’s books, including several top selling children’s books on Amazon and iTunes. He has also composed, recorded and released over 10 full children’s pop music albums by “Nooshi,” an artist he created; some of which have reached the top children’s songs charts.

One of his books, Tongue Twisters for Kids, has been downloaded over two million times since it was released, and it reached number 2 on the Kindle top books charts in all the world.

He has written various other themed tongue twisters and jokes books, and appreciates good humor and putting a smile on people’s faces.

Riley has always had a passion for art and doodling. He draws cartoons on nearly every paper that comes within arms length of his hands. Recently, he has fined tuned some of his art and writing skills by studying painting and fine art at the local community college. He has also taken courses in writing and storytelling, and writes stories and songs in his free time.

Riley has composed and recorded dozens of songs for children which are available worldwide by the character he invented; Nooshi. Some of Riley’s compositions by Nooshi are top children’s Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and birthday songs.

Riley was born in Logan, Utah in 1979, and has lived in various countries besides the U.S., such as Mexico and England. He served a two year Mormon mission to Puebla, Mexico, where he learned fluent Spanish, met some wonderful people, and ate the best food on the face of this planet! After he got married, Riley and his new bride spent a half a year living in East Yorkshire, England, while finishing their university degrees. He now resides with his family in hot but lovely, Mesa, Arizona.

If you’d like a sneak peak at Riley’s next project or would like to find out what other books he has available, visit rileyweberart.com frequently. You can also become friends with Riley on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RileyWeberArt

Riley Weber


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