Space Santa – Amazing Christmas Stories, Available Now!

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Amazing Christmas Stories

Space Santa – Amazing Christmas Stories, Available Now!

Space Santa – Amazing Christmas Stories, by Riley Weber, is available now, exclusively on Amazon.
Amazing Christmas Stories

Merry Christmas! Read five amazing Christmas stories about Santa’s planet Mars toy delivery adventure, Rudolphin the Red-Nosed Dolphin, who helps guide Santa’s big red canoe filled with toys to give to children in Hawaii, the Little Rock Drummer Boy, a magic snow globe and more, by best-selling author, Riley Weber. You and your children will enjoy these Christmas stories!
This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, classrooms, or to be read aloud at home!

Over 7,500 words
Five fun Christmas stories for kids
Perfect for early and beginning readers

Story List
1. Space Santa – About an adventure through space, as Santa Claus blasts off on his red sleigh retrofitted with booster rockets, to deliver toys to children who are part of the first Mars colony. Will he make it all the way to Mars and back, safely?

2. Rudolphin the Red-Nosed Dolphin – Santa, on his big red canoe, delivers toys to the children who live in Hawaii, pulled by a pod of dolphins, with Rudolphin leading the way. All goes well until they run directly into a tropical storm.

3. Little Rock Drummer Boy – Ziggy, a young drummer, wants to give a gift to his friends and neighbors for Christmas, but has no money. He shares with them an unforgettable gift that warms their hearts all through Christmas.

4. ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN! (The Snow Cone Maker) – A story about a mountain monster that just wants to make a friend or two or three. He won’t eat them, he promises. And he is also good at making snow cones.

5. The Magic Snow Globe – A magical story about a Christmas treasure that a young boy finds at a local thrift shop. When he shakes the snow globe, something magical happens, that has the whole town stirring.

Fun Christmas Stories for Kids

Kids can practice their reading skills and enjoy a few great stories all at once! These Christmas stories will make you laugh and put a smile on your face.

Best-Selling Children’s Book Author, Riley Weber

Riley Weber is a best-selling author who appreciates good humor and putting a smile on your face. His goal is to educate and entertain others while creating a positive impact on their lives.

click ‘HERE’ to download and read these exciting Christmas stories today!

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