Valentines Stories – New eBook!

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Valentines Stories – New eBook!

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Valentines Stories for Kids
Happy Valentines! Read four fun Valentine stories about Cupids last arrow, the magic box of chocolates, dinosaur love, and Jolly Old Saint Valentine, by best-selling author, Riley Weber. You and your children will enjoy these Valentines stories!
This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, classrooms, or to be read aloud at home!

Over 4,000 words
Four Fun Valentines Stories for Kids
Perfect for early and beginning readers

Story List
1. Cupids Last Arrow
2. Dinosaur Love
3. The Magic Box of Chocolates
4. Jolly Old Saint Valentine

Fun Valentines Stories for Kids

Kids can practice their reading skills and enjoy a few great stories all at once! These Valentines stories will make you laugh and put a smile on your face.

Get your copy of Valentines Stories today!

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FREE Funny Jokes eBook – Limited Time

Funny Jokes
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Kids of all ages are laughing out loud at all the “Funny Jokes” …here is what some readers are saying:

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“Jokes like this are great for developing a kid’s funny bone. More than that, though, they are excellent for developing reading and English language skills. This is a Kindle ebook that a child will enjoy reading through alone again and again, even when a parent has grown weary of it.” –L Spring

From #1 Amazon Bestselling Children’s Author and Illustrator Riley Weber!

This is a one-of-a-kind jokes book for kids, featuring 50 pages filled with funny, short, and clean jokes for kids.

Each joke features 2 full page illustrations -one for the joke, and one for the punch line. This way, kids can guess the punch line to the joke, before seeing (and hearing the answer).

Each joke features a child telling the joke as well as the punchline. This way, kids can read the book on their own and hear the jokes as they look at the pictures.

Telling a good joke is like have a great gift in your pocket. Jokes make people laugh and set them at ease.

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Preachers, motivational speakers, and salesmen are usually good joke tellers. Kids can practice their joke telling skills as they learn the jokes in this book.

Read and learn these funny jokes in this hilarious book for kids of all ages…featuring over 50 illustrations. Your children will love this one!

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